Mercury Free Fillings

Research shows that some dental metals have the potential to injure patients…

Mercury is the most toxic metal on the planet and can have adverse effects on your health. It has been proved to leak out of old amalgam fillings and accumulate inside your body through daily ingestion.

Mercury and other chemicals, through complex chemical and physical interactions, cause or aggravate some brain and heart disorders, such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease and some heart conditions, if present in high enough concentrations.
Most teeth are not toxic and most people with amalgam fillings suffer no ill effects. Fortunately the poison is in the dose and not in the simple presence of Mercury. The amount of mercury in a filling is so small that in reality it has no effect on the human system at all. Nonetheless, we recommend not adding to the mercury already in your mouth if you don’t have to.


Amalgam fillings also cause galvanic reactions, which are the tingle or slight shock you get when your filling touches another metal object, i.e. tin foil. There is a difference in the electrical potential between various metals and sometimes when they are in contact this will result in a mild electric ‘shock’ which is harmless.

Our practice is ‘mercury free’ and offers filling restorations. During the restoration process we replace your old amalgam fillings with new porcelain onlays / inlays.