What is Cerec?

It is the world’s only computerized dental restorative system that replaces old leaking amalgam fillings and repairs fractured teeth or decayed teeth with an aesthetically pleasing ceramic material that’s characteristically very close to a normal tooth structure. Your new ceramic crown, inlay, on-lay or veneer is not only bio-compatible, but has almost the same flexibility and hardness that a normal tooth structure has, which means less tooth fractures in the future. The ceramic material comes in different shades so that we can adapt it to your original tooth shade or make it even whiter. This can all be done in one visit.



Firstly the tooth is prepared by removing all decay, amalgam fillings, and weak parts in order to acquire an optical 3D image from a small camera which is placed directly in the mouth. The crown, inlay, on-lay or veneer is designed on computer using image data. The design then gets milled out of a ceramic block with diamond coated instruments and takes about twelve minutes. The restoration gets bonded to the existing tooth, binding it to the tooth structure and preventing future leakage.

Your crown, inlay, on-lay or veneer -start to finish in just one visit!

Cerec at your dentist’s side means less time out of your hectic schedule for dental care!

The advantages include:
Fewer infections and therefore less pain
Conserving your tooth structure
Aesthetically pleasing as it turns a silver smile into a white one